The God Grabs

The god grabs

his dragon on

the wing

he flys the tempest



The goddess awaits

him on her keep

she wears but

only skin as her



He jumps away

from beast

the tempest dies


He sees the true

tempest in her eyes

awaiting their mutual



She falls upon his

naked breast

and kisses him

and under her breadth, a smile

on her cheeks

she whispers, “come let’s eat.”


August 19, 2003

Hottie Gurl

ã Arlene Caris Fenstermaker  2011


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Trip to Orlando to visit my son

Getting up on a crisp cool morning at 3:30 AM and slipping on a pair of jeans a shirt and shoes to drive down to the Marin Airporter.  My mom was awake and drove me down to meet the bus.  First out of the shoot at 4:00AM.  We all loaded up and picked up others on the way.  Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge I said good morning to my to my husband.  I felt like he was with me now on the trip to Florida as we picked up his spirit as we drove through the toll booth.

We got to the San Francisco International Airport (SFO) and I was one of the first to get off at the US Airways ticket counter wow early morning arrivals and departures was in high mode already.  I got through the airport security without trouble.  Now we wait for the call to board.  One cup of a coffee mocha and sit down to read the book my son Wayne picked out for himself at Borders but never got a chance to read, Vampire Sunrise, Delilah Street: Paranormal Investigator, by Carole Nelson Douglas.  A very good book by the way, I just wish I had read the first two novels before this one.

We were boarding on time and got up in the air without any problems.  I was cold and bought a blanket for the trip.  Since  the swine flu H1N1 they stopped letting passengers use blankets over again and now, yep you guessed it $7.00.  It also included a blowup pillow an eye mask and earplugs.  Not bad actually for $7.00.  Along with that I bought a bottle of rum to go with my OJ.  It was a long, long trip to Charlotte, North Carolina.  I had a nice lady at the window seat and a curmudgeon on the aisle who was on his way home, the poor bastard could not get a smile on his face for any reason.  I hope when he finally walked through his door at home he felt at ease and at rest and could finally smile.

Ran a race at Charlotte NC to get to the other side of the airport for the next flight to Orlando.  On the way grabbed a Big and Tasty from Burger King.  Thank you airport for having fast food fast on the way!  Hardly long enough to eat it all before boarding.  A hop and pop to Orlando and finally made it to my final destination airport.  Orlando International is a nice big airport.  Over to Budget.  It has been a while since I rented a car but Budget was a good choice and mid cost value to all of the main known renters.  I got my first try at a Kia Forte.  It is a great little car.  It is a four door intermediate they call it and it had very nice comfort and drove well.  My son liked all the available ports for his games and music.

 Ok, wrong way Arlene did the wrong turn right out of Orlando Airport and got on the wrong road.  I realised it and had to turn around of course it was a toll road so of course I paid twice going through and then back to the right road had to pay again on the wrong one.  Then the Budget guy gave me a short cut to get off the toll road and it was dark and no signs at all, my cell phone GPS had not worked at the airport.  I tried again, thank you God and John it worked.  If anyone had passed by me at that time they would have heard me yelling to the gods for help.  I was on track and seven miles from I-95.  I drove down to Melbourne and got on the Road to Wayne’s residential school.  As I got to the exit I got a phone call from the nurse asking where I was Wayne was restless and chomping at the bit and worried I was so late.  I told her I was about five minutes away.

I got there and we hugged.  I was in paradise.  My son  was back in my arms again.  The nurse gave me all his pills and his salt bath for his toe.  Like his dad he got an ingrown toe nail.  It had gotten infected and had to be cut and drained and he was also on antibiotics for it as well.  So then we got to go to the hotel.  A very nice Holiday Inn in Melbourne was my new home.   Double queens, nice TV and good food and bar downstairs what more could I want?

We talked, watched TV and then I crashed.  He stayed up some and watched   TV and played games.   The restaurant was great and Wayne had a very  big appetite.  He ate french   toast, cereal yogurt and apple juice.  I had a french toast and coffee mocha.  We then went for a shopping spree.  Sears and Best Buy won the big tickets.  Wayne got new duds and a new coat for winter weather.  Good thing since then it has been getting cold even in Florida.  He got some new games for his PSP as well.  We came back after the rest of our trip and got dinner and watched TV, read and played games.

The next day I learned how to get to the Kennedy Space Center.  The people in Florida are so nice!  My GPS went out, the map was in so many pieces that you needed to fold it back and forth twenty times to see the roads in one time.  So  finally I asked am I going the right way?   At the light a guy said yes and to keep going till a certain road and then follow the  signs.  We got there and had a blast.  Saw the Space Shuttle on the pad although the shuttle was covered in a blanket to keep it safe.  We saw the crawler that moves the shuttle a mile an hour..  Big, big mover!   Then we went to my favorite  place the Saturn rocket building. Huge it houses the whole rocket plus movie room.   Wayne was surprised to see Snoopy in space.  I told Wayne told Wayne that Snoopy was everywhere and he was my favorite spaceman, or rather space dog.

After this, we returned to the bus and went back to the front plaza. I wanted to go on a ride about G Force but Wayne’s shoes were bugging him brand new, never wear  brand new shoes to an attraction.  Fastest way to go home and or be cranky.   The most information we got was from our bus drivers at the space center.  They told us about the buildings nature and other tidbits.  Kennedy Space Center is on many acres of land. 1% is used for NASA and the US Air Force the rest is used as a National Wildlife Refuge.  The living security system is the alligators.  We saw three.  We also saw a turtle and birds and Bald Eagle nests.  We also went to the wall that had all the astronauts who lost their lives to space exploration.  I had a very quite moment to myself.

Then we went to the nick knack store for NASA and bought some goodies.  A magnet, socks, a cap to celebrate Mars landing for Wayne and a ball that lights up and a t-shirt for me.  After we finished that it was late and we drove to Steak and Shake a place that Wayne liked to eat.  They make  hamburgers and all kinds of shakes.  So yummy.  We got back to the hotel and we were both tired.  He played PSP and watched TV and I read.  I told Wayne what tomorrow Monday would be.  He would go to school, I would be in his class and we would talk with his teacher.  He would stay there while I went to talk with his doctor therapist and nurse.  He said he understood and then we slept

On Monday morning I asked Wayne to take a shower.  He refused which he had done since Friday.  So then we had breakfast and there again I told Wayne what we were going to do for today and then after school.  He said OK. 

When we got to the school everything changed he would not get out of the car and would not give me my purse and locked the door on me.  I opened my door but he would not get out and he would not let me get the dirty clothes out either.  I got his therapist to help get him out of the car but he refused to go to class so he went to the main room and I went to meetings   We decided at the meeting that Wayne was being non compliant, that he needed to not get his pass anymore.  That he needed to learn to do what I say when I said to and to have the consequences when he did not.

When I saw Wayne next with his therapist we both told him about it .  He got angry and the explosive.  He would not let me go without him and he tried to keep me in the building.  He even threatened his therapist.  She got three big guys to escort Wayne from the room so i could leave without getting hurt.

I was in tears the rest of the night.  I called my mom and dad and cried to them too.  I slept badly and then when I finally did, it was late in the morning.  I got up and took a shower and watched TV and read and had lunch in the restaurant until Wayne’s school was over.  We had another family session which was better and then I got to spend three hours alone with Wayne until he and I got hungry.  I went back to the hotel and he got his dinner served.

Wednesday morning I went back to the school but Wayne had left to go to the dentist.  So I missed the final farewell which may have been a good idea any way since we ended well last night.  I took all his stuff back to the school got gas in my rental car and then I drove to the Orlando Airport.  I did not get lost once Yeah me.

I had lunch at the airport and read my book and waited for boarding on Virgin America.  Nice plane and service.  Still to cramped, still feel like sardines, but at least they have video and radio and you can buy movies, etc.

I got to SFO and out the door and I ran to the Marin Airporter to get a ride.  I almost fell down the stairs.  We went out to get more people and the airporter and the taxi hit each other.  We all got out of the bus to catch the next one in half an hour.  finally on a bus to go home and actually left the airport.  My mom and John picked me up and I was so glad to be home.  My bed and my cat awaited me.  The cat had a lot to say on the subject of my leaving her.  She forgave me and curled up next to me as I crashed and burned no more oil.

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Go to a Home Show, You’ll Learn How to Spend Money

As I write this I laugh at the title.  (my cat wants attention and climbs up on me and the desk) I try again to complete a thought.  How many of us have gone to home shows saying to ourselves, “I am just looking around and I won’t do anything new to my house.”  Right, like that ever happens.  It might not happen right away but it nags at you for days or months.  Then a light goes on and you have to change something before you kill something, maybe more like break a dish or a cabinet.  That is what happened to me.  The kitchen just did not fit any more.  The cabinets were just so small.  All the boxes of cereal did not fit.  The dishes did not fit nor did my new wedding dishes and crystal.  Scream, Scream.  I hate being a pain in the butt, but it would not fit!

We had money to spend since I was frugal with the wedding money.  We did our own music, my wedding dress was less than $250.00 all said and done.  The money went to food and flowers, the hall was free. The honeymoon was paid for from our current jobs.  So we had about $7000.00 to play with from that and along with some money I received when I was hurt at my condo before we were married we had about $10,000.00 burning in our wallets when we stepped into the Home Show at the Marin Civic Center.

We went from booth to booth looking for companies that would remodel Kitchen and Baths.  When we got home we had sore feet and a bunch of literature.  We had made a decision on three companies and they each gave us a bid.  We went with one company and we said we would do the destruction and work on the minor electric with them checking it and doing the painting of the kitchen before they put in the cabinets and new flooring.  At this time we also asked them to fit us with a new counter and cabinet in the bathroom.  We would also do the destruction of the old counter in there as well.

Thank you very much to my mom and dad who came over to help us break down the cabinets off the wall as well as the soffit above.  This soffit had no real use except to lower the cabinets down.  The cabinets did not go far, they moved into the garage and have lots of nuts and bolts in them.  They also fit lots of tools.

We were working on this project during the same time I found out I was pregnant.   We found out that we were going to have the baby in August of 1993.  This project was due to be completed by June 1993.  That left till August to remodel a bedroom.  Can we say another gray hair?

So here we are buying kitchen equipment at Sears in Terra Linda.  A great helper in this was a young salesperson named Laura, (She is still there and still the best salesperson in Sears).  I bought a new electric oven and gas stove (got rid of the electric one) with a brand new hood and a garbage compactor.  We kept our refrigerator and dish washer.  When it was time to put those in, they were not at the store.  They were missing.  They got sent back to the warehouse in Sacramento.  I went to talk with the manager in Sears,  I asked for them to get them back and put them this time in my driveway as soon as possible.  Don’t mess with a pregnant woman!  I got my kitchen stuff in 24 hours.  I also got a discount for my trouble.

While the guys were finishing up the kitchen my mom and I had hammers and were breaking up the tile and wood cabinet/counter in the bathroom.  Also some of the tile floor that the new counter would fit over.  This is the best type of work for getting rid of aggression.  You just need to wear goggles so that the flying tile does not hurt your eyes and long sleeves and pants to cover the rest of you.  My mom and I had lots of fun.  

Finally all the cabinets and the counters were in place along with new light fixtures and new floor all the large appliances were in place.  They did all the finish work along the baseboard and did all the caulking.  They moved into the bathroom and placed the sink and countertop and drawers all together.  There was much more to do in the bathroom but that would have to wait.  Another Home Show would hit.  Laughing!

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Thank God for the Day After Elections

I am so happy that the elections are over.  My television, my computer (that was new to me), radio and telephone are once again my own.  I did not come home today to people saying vote for this candidate or this amendment.  I am not being polled by this company or that to see where my values are.  I do not have to hear name calling and this person did this or that on the television ads.  Did they ever really talk about the issues?  Not really.

Maybe as the people in the news said in 15 months Iowa starts the race again for the next presidential Election, at this time we might get down to issues and how to move on from where we stand at that point.  I hope we stand on higher ground than we do now.

As a Californian, I would like to apologize to the state of Texas for a very rude speech against them in general from our Senator Barbara Boxer.  Yes she won, that is great for  her and all those who voted for her.  I can truly say I was ashamed of how she grouped Texans altogether and all oil people as bad.  I am sorry to say I do not feel angry at “Oil people  or companies” in general like she seemed to say.  I actually like to get around in my car and drive places and I like that we also have fuel to fly airplanes and other types of transportation and heating fuel.  I also happen to think that trashing the Rangers baseball team in the same mouthful should have seen a bar of soap pushed her way.

I hope in the days that follow she will say something as an apology herself.  (I may be a dreamer!)

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Wandering the dictionary, the Be’s have it!

Have you ever just wandered through the dictionary at home and found yourself in a happy place?

I have and I am sure so has a famous song writer as well. Cole Porter’s, It’s Delovely, (even the dictionary here does not like that word).  He may have invented words but they all fit in my category.   I find myself thinking of the Be to (c vvvvvvvv, my cat entered her favorite paw category in, can we say bedeviled? “laughing”) bezzant.  Which of course is really more that one page, well at least in my dictionary.   Since we are so close to the day of Halloween let’s start with bewitching.  Oh so many men out there to bewitch or get some back.  Do not bemoan me a time of fun and dark chocolate.  A girl can live on that beguiling food group.  Yes, chocolate is a food group no matter what the doctors might say otherwise. 

Let me begin again and say I love words.  I love to write.  I hate to spell and edit.  To my shame I thought that editors edited in behalf of their authors, I was wrong.  More on behalf of those who decide to read our literary follies, tirades and triumphs.  Oh to behold a book or story of mine in print being sold and purchased by someone other than my mother.   I have a long way to go before publishing, drat and I better hurry up before something befalls my parents and they can’t pay for my item in print!

I befuddle the people I befriend and I beg their forgiveness many times over especially while I talk I get my mouth going faster than my brain and I bemused myself when I get my cart before my horse.  Those of you who remember 8 tracks my mind works similar.  Layer upon layer of information needs to crawl upwards as I am talking that the verbs and nouns scatter like a Beaufort Wind Scale at 12 such as a hurricane scatters the South-Eastern towns like twigs.

Before I leave here today I also beg your forgiveness.  Making you read such nonsense so close to Halloween and making you think “Does she have bats in her belfry?  Is there anyone at home and are all her lights on?”  The bellhop is coming to let the men in the white coats take me away to Bedlam for a nice rest.  I get three meals a day and chocolate to help me on my road to raving. Maybe a little shock treatment?  It befits my course betwixt and between the betterment of me.

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Sex Drugs Rock and Roll, Republican?

When I watch a movie with Dolly Parton called Straight Talk she says at one point she isn’t a Mercedes, she is more like a Pontiac or a Chevy.  In a way she is describing herself and her character.  Well in a similar way I am an AMC Javelin, a Ford F-350 pickup truck and a Hyundai Entourage. (yes one foreign vehicle)

I am also a Republican who owns a license plate that reads Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll.  On my old Dodge van I had a Bush sticker.  I had several people wonder about how I could have both on my car at the same time.  A Republican certainly could not like Sex Drugs and Rock and Roll? 

Well I am and I do.  Except the Drugs.  Now the song says, Sex Drugs and Rock and Roll, I was never into drugs for recreational past time.  I only take what my doctor gives me.  Having tried other things as a teenager I would like to say marijuana just put me to sleep (so I was not fun at a party) and Cocaine sped my heart up so fast I thought I would have a heart attack (again not a fun time). Since I only tried the stuff I would never buy it.  I have never smoked cigarettes except once to get out of a peer pressure of watching the movie, The Exorcist, at a theater.  Now I have learned saying no to the movie would have been the better avenue, but hey folks teenager then.  After smoking one drag I coughed so much I had to leave the theater and had my mom pick me up.  I have never finished watching that movie.  If anything I had a jigger of Wild Turkey 101 over ice and lots of water.  Now into sex during the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s yes I was all over it ( and I still am ).  Rock and Roll was the best if you just stayed away from the Disco scene.  Some of my friends would take me to some County Western Bars once in a while which was ok as long as I got on the radio in my car and blared Rock and Roll all the way home to get rid of the twang in my head.  Anything Led would do the trick.

Now on to Politics and being Republican.  Some people think that being Republican means you have to be a bible thumping far right conservative.  Well that is just not true.  It is like anything else in the world you have to come from your own upbringing and your views on life.   Some of my views differ from my dad’s idea of being Republican but then again he is a man and he was born 28 years before me.   I believe that being a woman I should have my own choice of what to do with my own body.  That includes a choice of what I  would do  if the result of intercourse I became pregnant.  I also believe in early education for sex education and preventative measures against pregnancy and STD’s.  I strongly suggest schools start earlier against bullying as well.

I also believe that anyone should be allowed to marry.  Men and women, men and men and women and women.  When and if they do marry they should have all the rights and all the glory of being together and also the pain and suffering of breaking apart or loosing one another.  Life on this rock is too short to worry about your true love, your soul mate being the right gender at this point in time. 

My ideas about being Republican stand behind fiscal impacts on my money and  property  and how it is used in government.  It also applies to inheritance and family money as well.  How much taxes I think I should pay versus how much I do pay.  I want to know where my money is going and why.  I want to decide where my charity goes not the government.  I want a smaller government.  I do not want government to tell me what to do or not to do every second of my day.   I want a strong Armed Forces continued and not have it dismantled like it was after WWII and a disaster as we went into Korea.  That should never had happened   (read your history)  I want to keep it that way and not happen as of this century ever again.

I also want the Star Spangled Banner to remain the National Anthem.  I want the Bill of Rights to include The Right to Keep and Bear Arms.  I want the Pledge of Allegiance to still have “under God” in it.  I want the words “In God We Trust” left alone.  If you don’t want to say them then don’t but let the rest of us have it.  It is part of US.  IT is tradition.  I may not be a bible thumper but I believe in tradition and that is part of being Republican.

I believe in a Federal Government to hold together the states.  I believe that state rights have their place as well.  If states vote to change a law that is a contradiction to federal law that state should be allowed the law under certain conditions.  It is not a given but laws such as  Oregon euthanasia law and California medical marijuana law should be allowed without Federal blockage.  So far both are going back and forth in the appellate courts.  This is the way it works until it gets up to the Supreme Court and they decide.  If it goes away don’t worry it may come back around,  win or lose.  Law is alive.  It changes but it is always behind what is actually happening today.  (most of the time)

Now that is how I square the two ideas together.

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Moving My Stuff In

I had moved much of my stuff down from my condo from June through August of 1992.  That included two cats named Ninja and Lucas.   This now meant three cats, Boots was John’s.  We also had two Labrador dogs named Fred(short for Frederika) and Chuck.   During the honeymoon my mom took care of the pets.   After we got back home and cleared out all the stuff that did not belong to us we worked on the room we would share together.  The master bedroom needed some new drapes, a carpet and paint.  We pulled out things that John had made in his room.  These were built-in drawers and shelves that were finished and some that still needed work.  We also changed from a water-bed that he had to a queen size bed two armoires, and a light bridge with mirrors that I had.  Some of the things of his left and some of mine left as well.  What we kept was more important.  These big pieces were brought down by a moving company after all the room had been redecorated.

I had a lot of things from my hopeless chest (what I called my hope chest due to the fact I did not think I would ever get married) and from living in my condo for six years.  Since we took lots of Marshall’s stuff to him we used my kitchen things for the most part.  Fitting those things into a 1950’s kitchen became a nightmare.

I was at the store and purchased some cereal for breakfast and was trying to put it in our cabinet.  John came in the house because he heard me screaming at the top of my lungs that I could not fit the box into the shelf.  It was way to big.  I was trying to put a round peg into a square hole.  I laid it on its side and then had to switch around the whole cabinet.  The 1950’s soon had to go.

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