Winterbreak Discord

Verbal lashing works

not one bit

He goes to his room

basically telling me

he doesn’t give a shit.

Whether it is homework, schoolwork or chores at home

If he doesn’t wish to do them

What’s the big deal Mom?

Where’s the harm?

He made me mad

I hate those feelings

My stomach does flip-flops

trying to work those dealings.

Trying to work out his homework of art, english

and government.

He forgot a book

too tired to draw

he needs his sleep

Less than one hour of work

a catch in my throat, guffaw.

I’m pulling the fast food

no more friends over till done

The internet and games

are going to be gone

until his nose finds the grindstone sharp

His mom is ready to

Harp, Harp, Harp!

Arlene Caris Fenstermaker


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