A Quickie: Make Me Cum

I move over to you and look you deep in your eyes as I push you to the sofa and make your legs hit and fall over it. I laugh at the look on your face and move to the floor and crawl to where you are. I climb up your legs and pull the button out of its hole like it had melted. You hear the sound of the zipper going down then I snap off all your buttons and continue to crawl the rest of the way over you as I pull your pants down. I move my knees over your thighs as I undulate over you. Kissing your eyes, forehead and lips. Smelling your neck and biting your ears as I move over your lap. I move over your lap slowly, watching your eyes. You move your hands to lift my top and are happy to find no other encumbrance to my tits and you begin to suckle them which sends me rocking my hips over your now bulging cock. You begin to lift my skirt and move the thong to one side. Your fingers feel the juices spilling down my already excited pussy. I keep rocking over your lap. As I do I lean up to your face and let my breasts surround you again and again. My hips are raised and as I start my descent you push hard downward on my hips as I come down I am impaled on your shaft. I scream in delight and squeeze your cock as hard as my body will allow. Now I am at your mercy as you grab my ass and control my plunges. Like an engine hot and moist grinding over your cock and flapping boobs up and down. You grab a tit in your mouth and start to pull on it hard. My pussy walls clamp down on you and as I move faster and faster over your shaft. You start to scream as you change your pushing against my g spot now harder and harder. You feel my pussy pumping juices out onto your balls faster and faster and your body hardens as your hips are taut and flexing higher into me. You grab hard around me as we both explode and you bite harder as you scream for me to cum now. I explode more and more and collapse my walls around you again and again as my body shudders and you explode so deep into me.


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