The Leather Store

Ok, I want to tell a story.  The nite is about to close and the stores are starting to shut down.  She walks along the inside of the mall checking out the men.  She is hot, wet and drips as she walks thru the mall.  Picking and choosing her target, she sees the man she wants.

He is tall and he is dark-haired, not a perfect man but a nice looking one.  She moves forward walking towards him.  She does not know him yet but she will.  She moves her hands and walks around him.  She bumps into him and glides her hand around his ass.  Coming to his front, she looks into his eyes and says, “Excuse me. ”  Her eyes lift slowly and she warms to him fast.  His voice is deep and inviting, “No problem it felt good.”  “Yes I knew it would,” she purred.  “Tt felt really nice.”

The woman sits down at an empty chair next to him and asks him to sit down.  He replied, “I need to go back to the store and close.” 

What store do you work in?”  “The leather shop over there.”, he points.  She almost falls off her bench.  “Mmmmmmm are you kidding?”

“No why?”

“Ah, no reason.”,  her eyes veiled in erotic ideas.  She walks to the store with the guy, then she finds some clothes and toys.  Clothes for him and her toys, gee they were with her in her purse.  She came for sex she would get it.  The customers worked their way out of the store.  He was moving faster than ever before.  The smell in the shop was driving her crazy.  He had finished the till and the doors were locked.  He dimmed the lights in the shop.  Finally they were alone. 

She had one hand  coming out of the dressing room pulling her finger for him to follow.  He came following like a sheep to slaughter.  Awilling sheep he entered the doors and she took him into her arms and kissed him fast and swiftly found his tongue.  Her hands were moving fast almost ripping the snaps as she went.  His shirt and his pants gone, he just had noticed that she was already naked.  She had moved on him so fast.

Then she runs her hands down his body, lowers herself onto his cock and begins a love affair with it.  Sucking licking slurping the new juices she is pulling from him.  She sucks at the slit and rims out the juice he tastes so good.  Her pussy drips with anticipation.  She likes the flavor she wants more sucking and sucking her new treasure into her mouth.  Inch by inch dropping further down on his shaft.  Down until she finds the hilt of his shaft and begins to swallow like a pump on it.  Faster and faster she pumps, sucking him.  Then she comes back up to the tip sucking more juice from her quarry.

Taking her hand to his cock pulling and sliding while her mouth eases down on his balls, licking upwards, pulling his sack inside then pulling a ball to her and sucking it in and then prodding it.  It was making him hard as a rock then dropping it and picking up the next ball and sucking it in.  Making swirls around it prodding it harder like its pair.  Sucking and sucking, hand jerking the swollen hard shaft above her mouth wanting it back inside her mouth sucking it again.  Wanting it.

He has had enough.  He has watched her,  has watched the dripping pussy on her legs.  He wants that.  He can wait for his release.  He wants to taste her and pushes her to the floor.  He crawls down between her wet legs and pushes them out-of-the-way.  She pouts that she did not get to finish.  He laughs at her knowing, soon he thinks soon.  He pulls her legs up and out and starts to taste, lick slowly,  then he begins his search of her.

Feeling her mound looking at the trimmed and shaved pussy running his hands thru the hair and tasting a drip on his finger wetting his finger gliding it in the slit slowly rubbing the lips around her.  Circling her pussy touching gently on the clit he has found.  Pinching her bud  as he pinches a nipple.  She screams in joy he drops his mouth on top of the clit.  His tongue on it in slow, steady hard circles.  Sucking sweetly, pulling it from his mouth and lets fall back into place her body arches and she screams again now he is ready to suck inside her body.  Whipping his tongue up and in grazing the inside walls and forming a u.  Licking and licking and swirling it she grabs the bench in the room.  She holds on for dear life and bucks at almost every single lick, sucking and flicking he gives her on her g spot.   Then forming the u with his fingers he begins to pump her g spot and drives her insides crazy.   Another hand jumps to her breast and pulls and lifts her nipples.  She pulls the bench from the floor and the wall in her excitement.   As she pushes and pulls the screaming becomes even louder her g spot wells and tightens and she explodes in gushes of cum.  She bucks and bucks at the pressure, still releasing.  He moves onto her now, on top and lifts her legs above his shoulder.  Then he looks at her in his lust and takes his hard cock and rubs her clit and pussy making it slick and wet.  She looks at him and grabs his ass with her foot and in one push drives him in.

Her pussy is hot and wet and envelopes him to the hilt and squeezes him.  Her pussy walls and her ass work to tighten her legs tense and her whole body works around him.  Making him hers, fucking him faster and faster deeper into her pulling with every push against her.   Again and again he moves now and pulls out and flips her body jamming himself back in doggy style.  As he hits his mark he spanks her and as he hits his mark he spanks pulls her body tight around him.  Spanking again the whacks make her inner walls strangle him.  He is  feeling it go so tight and stiff around him.  He pushes more and more then his body begins to tighten, tension mounts, he spanks her again. She grabs him again.  He screams, “Oh god! Yes!”

So good and spanks her “Cum!”, he yells.   As he whips her with a leather shirt that has a lot of fringe.  It whips her ass lightly, unexpectedly it sends her crashing and flying and she hits the top of the bench with her head as she creams all over his cock he spills his cum.  They scream in unity.  They fall on the floor together exhausted laughing.


Arlene Caris Fenstermaker

Hottiegurl © January 13, 2011






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