Go to a Home Show, You’ll Learn How to Spend Money

As I write this I laugh at the title.  (my cat wants attention and climbs up on me and the desk) I try again to complete a thought.  How many of us have gone to home shows saying to ourselves, “I am just looking around and I won’t do anything new to my house.”  Right, like that ever happens.  It might not happen right away but it nags at you for days or months.  Then a light goes on and you have to change something before you kill something, maybe more like break a dish or a cabinet.  That is what happened to me.  The kitchen just did not fit any more.  The cabinets were just so small.  All the boxes of cereal did not fit.  The dishes did not fit nor did my new wedding dishes and crystal.  Scream, Scream.  I hate being a pain in the butt, but it would not fit!

We had money to spend since I was frugal with the wedding money.  We did our own music, my wedding dress was less than $250.00 all said and done.  The money went to food and flowers, the hall was free. The honeymoon was paid for from our current jobs.  So we had about $7000.00 to play with from that and along with some money I received when I was hurt at my condo before we were married we had about $10,000.00 burning in our wallets when we stepped into the Home Show at the Marin Civic Center.

We went from booth to booth looking for companies that would remodel Kitchen and Baths.  When we got home we had sore feet and a bunch of literature.  We had made a decision on three companies and they each gave us a bid.  We went with one company and we said we would do the destruction and work on the minor electric with them checking it and doing the painting of the kitchen before they put in the cabinets and new flooring.  At this time we also asked them to fit us with a new counter and cabinet in the bathroom.  We would also do the destruction of the old counter in there as well.

Thank you very much to my mom and dad who came over to help us break down the cabinets off the wall as well as the soffit above.  This soffit had no real use except to lower the cabinets down.  The cabinets did not go far, they moved into the garage and have lots of nuts and bolts in them.  They also fit lots of tools.

We were working on this project during the same time I found out I was pregnant.   We found out that we were going to have the baby in August of 1993.  This project was due to be completed by June 1993.  That left till August to remodel a bedroom.  Can we say another gray hair?

So here we are buying kitchen equipment at Sears in Terra Linda.  A great helper in this was a young salesperson named Laura, (She is still there and still the best salesperson in Sears).  I bought a new electric oven and gas stove (got rid of the electric one) with a brand new hood and a garbage compactor.  We kept our refrigerator and dish washer.  When it was time to put those in, they were not at the store.  They were missing.  They got sent back to the warehouse in Sacramento.  I went to talk with the manager in Sears,  I asked for them to get them back and put them this time in my driveway as soon as possible.  Don’t mess with a pregnant woman!  I got my kitchen stuff in 24 hours.  I also got a discount for my trouble.

While the guys were finishing up the kitchen my mom and I had hammers and were breaking up the tile and wood cabinet/counter in the bathroom.  Also some of the tile floor that the new counter would fit over.  This is the best type of work for getting rid of aggression.  You just need to wear goggles so that the flying tile does not hurt your eyes and long sleeves and pants to cover the rest of you.  My mom and I had lots of fun.  

Finally all the cabinets and the counters were in place along with new light fixtures and new floor all the large appliances were in place.  They did all the finish work along the baseboard and did all the caulking.  They moved into the bathroom and placed the sink and countertop and drawers all together.  There was much more to do in the bathroom but that would have to wait.  Another Home Show would hit.  Laughing!

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4 Responses to Go to a Home Show, You’ll Learn How to Spend Money

  1. comdude says:

    There must be some good reason why I’ve never been to a Home Show. The only “new” stuff here is the roof and the wood stove, not counting appliances.

    Did you migrate here from Windows Live, like I did?

    • buxom9412 says:

      Yes I did migrate here. LOL. I love to write and this gives me a chance to be heard more than a once in a life time chance getting my ideas out in the local paper. I also have this urge to get published one day. The more people who read my ideas here, I hope will get my name out there for my short stories, poems and books. I am also writing about my life, getting married, building our house, having kids. Then also about those kids both being Autistic and after 2006 raising them without a father. Which in and of itself is funny and scary. Hear a mother screaming, “Kill a kid, Kill a kid.” Both kids knowing full well their mom is to a breaking point and running but laughing at the same time.

  2. buxom9412 says:

    OOPS What about your blog?

    • comdude says:

      Oh, gosh. Some years ago I found a news item about an airline flight attendant who had been fired because of what she posted in her blog. Her name was QueenOfSky and she was on journalspace. So I checked it out, and decided it was fun, but not to post anything about my job. Because that’s what got her fired.

      After three years a disgruntled employee at journalspace overwrote the entire server. People lost up to six years’ worth of data, entries, pictures, music, videos, all at once. journalspace was apologetic but basically threw their hands up in the air, said it was fun while it lasted, and let it go. WordPress bought the domain name “journalspace” but it’s nothing like it used to be. Most of us gave up. I left a few tidbits there.

      I decided Windows Live was awesome and posted there, right up until they told us we’d be migrated to WordPress. You win some, you lose some. But it’s working. There’s plenty to experiment with here, that I have not tried yet.

      I wrote professionally (technical things) for 21 years. Way before that I liked writing, believed mine was marketable, but never put any time in on that. I just do this for fun. WordPress has a community sort of like journalspace did in places. If you click on a “freshly pressed” article you’ll see tons of comments and there are a LOT of people here.

      I can’t say blogging leads to a career but it does seem to work the other way around. For QueenOfSky, it ended hers. The last I heard she was trying to sell real estate in Austin, Texas. But some of our neighbors here do write professionally. Check out the “freshly pressed” for some ideas.

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