Thank God for the Day After Elections

I am so happy that the elections are over.  My television, my computer (that was new to me), radio and telephone are once again my own.  I did not come home today to people saying vote for this candidate or this amendment.  I am not being polled by this company or that to see where my values are.  I do not have to hear name calling and this person did this or that on the television ads.  Did they ever really talk about the issues?  Not really.

Maybe as the people in the news said in 15 months Iowa starts the race again for the next presidential Election, at this time we might get down to issues and how to move on from where we stand at that point.  I hope we stand on higher ground than we do now.

As a Californian, I would like to apologize to the state of Texas for a very rude speech against them in general from our Senator Barbara Boxer.  Yes she won, that is great for  her and all those who voted for her.  I can truly say I was ashamed of how she grouped Texans altogether and all oil people as bad.  I am sorry to say I do not feel angry at “Oil people  or companies” in general like she seemed to say.  I actually like to get around in my car and drive places and I like that we also have fuel to fly airplanes and other types of transportation and heating fuel.  I also happen to think that trashing the Rangers baseball team in the same mouthful should have seen a bar of soap pushed her way.

I hope in the days that follow she will say something as an apology herself.  (I may be a dreamer!)

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2 Responses to Thank God for the Day After Elections

  1. comdude says:

    We are more likely to apologize for our blithering senator than she is, at least for the rest of her next term. It’s a relief not to find reams of glossy oversized propaganda in the mailbox!

  2. danroberson says:

    It’s amazing that some people when elected think that they speak for everybody. In fact, they should be listening to their constituents and finding out what to say. Your post is right on target.

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